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Do You Have These Tools That Lead to Breakthrough Wealth and Abundance?

If You Ever Desired Wealth and Abundance,
Now is The Best Time

Hi. My name is Dr. Eric Amidi. Make sure you read every line, because you can find your answer to success in business and life here. Here, I am going to show you what these tools are…

Imagine for a moment that you have and achieved everything that you ever desired. The abundance and financial freedom to do as you want and when you want. Imagine you wake up every morning free… free from worries.

How does it feel like to be carefree and have no worries, like childhood years? Have you noticed that on days like that sun looks brighter?

Picture that possibility. If you can imagine that possibility, then you can live it, because people like you are living it everyday.

The truth is that NOW you are closer to that possibility, and that kind of freedom, more than any other time.

The number of people that gain the wealth and financial freedom they desire is growing every year.

You can have the abundance and freedom you desire, because all you need is the same tools that they have.

Here are the tools you need for success in your life and your business… period:

  • Tools to generate great ideas and creative solutions. (There’s a method for it)
  • Proven Method to get started and blast through fear
  • Unravel your true purpose and make sure it’s aligned with your subconscious desires and your higher self. So you’ll be unstoppable.
  • Quick and easy method to keep making right decisions consistently. (There’s a “System” for it)
  • A Method to turn tough decisions into easy no-brainer choices.(This method is incredibly important in any aspect of your life)
  • How to turn mistakes into golden opportunities (A trick that rich people and multimillionaire business owners use)


I have put together all the tools, resources, and methods that the richest and highly successful people use in their own circles – The best kept secrets of success.

When You Have These Tools, You can Create Abundance too Like the Richest 1%

That’s why I created a set of Audios to explain all of these, step-by-step

To make sure I get you the best material, I decided to also include Audio Modules by someone who has been the undisputed master in business success for many years.

That’s why I teamed up with Brian Tracy

I am sure you already know Brian Tracy, because those who have ever been interested in improving their lives know about him. But just to refresh your memory…

Brian Tracy and his advice are so much in demand that over 1000 companies have consulted him for advice to improve their businesses. And over 5 million people throughout the world have benefited from his seminars and programs. He has over 300 programs and books, and some of them have been translated to 20 languages.

So what I have included in the program is really from the best of the best.

I have dedicated 3 Audio Modules to interviews with Brian Tracy. In these modules, Brian reveals the secrets of his own success.

You would have to spend a lifetime to find out these for yourself and the hard way.


Brian Tracy
Brian Tracy

These 3 Modules of
Brian Tracy’s Advices on
Wealth and Business Success Are Pure Gold


Why Now is the Best Time to Start and Skyrocket Your Business and How

Fact: We Are Living in a Very Special Time

It has never been so easy to start your own business. That’s why there are so many people achieving financial freedom so fast.

But to do that you need to have the same tools that they use, in their own circles.

You’ll Get Access to the Same Tools that So Many People Like You Are Using to Attract Financial Freedom into Their Lives

They Are You Doing it, And So Can You…

The Universal Truth: Your path to your desires, success, life of your dreams, and happiness is defined through your decisions. People who manifest their goals and desires fast make the right decisions on every turn… How do they do it?

Ever Noticed Some People Have a Midas Touch, Everything They Touch Turns into Gold…Success After Success?

And Some Others Keep Making Wrong Decisions Over and Over

How many times have you made decisions that you regretted and cost you a fortune? … Well, it’s not your fault…

You need a Powerful Decision Making Tool. There’s a system for Decision Making.

But some people wander around in their lives, making life changing decisions without having proper tools in decision making.

Make Right Decisions with Confidence Like the Richest People

Let me ask you this:

Would you go in the ring against a boxing champion without proper training?

If not, then why would you want to face the toughest decisions in your life without proper tools?… because some of the blows from bad decisions can be more painful.

Learning this Decision Making System is the best investment in your life. It can make you a fortune or save you from life’s biggest mistakes.

How So Many Successful People and Geniuses Came Up With Breakthrough Ideas While Dreaming During Sleep

How did great people throughout history come up with fantastic ideas and epiphanies while dreaming?… People like Kekulé, the famous chemist, or Edgar Cayce…

They got these ideas out of their subconscious mind and by aligning with their higher self…

There’s a Scientific Method to generate fantastic ideas

Be A Genius Idea Generator

Some of my own research in Neural Networks and Particle Physics helped me come up this method.

I explain that step-by-step in Audio Module 1, so you can start doing it too.

That’s Exactly How Extremely Successful People and Serial Entrepreneurs Keep Coming Up With So Many Great Ideas

Have you ever felt it’s hard to be motivated to start or complete a task?

Sometimes, you know that you can have what you desire… like so many others have, but still feels like a burden to start…

Have you ever wondered why? and how to blow away the motivation problem?

Would you like to be constantly motivated and energized?

In this program, I show you how you can use a Model by a very famous Psychologist to find your true purpose. When you find your true purpose and align it with your subconscious desires, everything will be effortless… no burden. In fact, now it would be hard to stop you!

You’ll Discover How to Use a Powerful Model to Find Your True Purpose, Because Then The Rest Will Be Effortless


The Collection by Dr. Eric Amidi

In these Audio Modules
You Will Discover:

  • A Powerful 3-Step Method to unleash your subconscious creativity and come up with fantastic ideas over and over again (explained in detail in Audio Module 1)
  • An Advanced 4-Step Decision Making System to make right decisions every time, like pros (explained in detail in Audio Module 3)
  • A Powerful Method to handle tough decisions. Highly successful Traders and Financial Experts use this method. (explained in detail in Audio Module 3)
  • How to use a Proven Model to find out your purpose now in life and business. I personally believe finding your purpose and reason has the greatest impact on your life and all you do. Once you align your subconscious desires with your true purpose now, everything will fall into place effortlessly.(explained in detail in Audio Module 2)
  • How to turn the table on troubles and transform problems into golden opportunities.(explained in detail in Audio Module 3)
  • How to start and gain momentum in anything you do.(explained in detail in Audio Module 1)
  • 2 Proven Techniques to blast away fears. Fear is the greatest obstacle in anything you do. Unravel how to blast it away for good and live free.(explained in detail in Audio Module 2)

And then Brian Tracy, the business and personal productivity legend, reveals:

  • The secrets of his own decades of experience in business and life.
  • The Power of Zero-Based Thinking Method.(explained in detail in Audio Module 4)
  • The Law of 3 in Hiring and how he uses it in his own business.(explained in detail in Audio Module 4)
  • How to expand and brand your business like pros.(explained in detail in Audio Module 6)
  • How to recession proof you business.(explained in detail in Audio Module 6)
  • How to apply the 7 Elements of the Marketing Mix in your business.(explained in detail in Audio Module 5)
  • How helping others can skyrocket your wealth.(explained in detail in Audio Module 6)

You’ll Also Get:

Action Guide by Dr. Eric Amidi

  • An Action Guide that takes you step-by-step through each Module, so you can turn the Modules into positive results in your life.
  • An ebook containing the transcript of all the Audios in this program.Dr. Eric Amidi E-book


Have you ever been stuck in your life when trying to solve a problem or generate ideas?

When I Started Using This Method Amazing Ideas in Business And Life Started Pouring

I personally use a very powerful method that I always thought I should share with others.

So I am creating a very special Audio that uses this method to open the door to subconscious mind to generate ideas and be creative.

This Audio Session guides you through the steps that lead to generating new ideas, unblocking your mind, and unleashing the power of your subconscious creativity to come up with a flood of creative solutions and great ideas.

At first, I was going to make this a separate audio. But then I thought I can make this program a super-program, if I give you access to it so you can use it to generate great ideas practically when you sign up for this program.

That’s Why I decided to Add This Bonus


You’ll Also Get This Bonus

Bonus: You will get access to a very special upcoming Audio called “Answers Manifestation Session”.

This Audio shows you a Powerful Idea Generation Method. Then it guides you through a session that reaches deep into your subconscious mind. Once the door to subconscious creativity is wide open, it lets you present the problem to your subconscious mind and your higher self.
You will discover:

  • How to solve any problem and come up with genius ideas, using the power of your subconscious mind. Your infinite wisdom already knows all the answers. All you need is the key to access it.
  • Step-by-step audio that puts you in a surreal state of connectedness, reaches your subconscious mind, and asks for the solution the right way. Yes, ask the right way, and you shall receive.
  • How to keep your mind open to receive a flood of great ideas and solution to any problem.

This Audio will be completed in about 5 to 6 weeks from the release of this program. You will be the first to get it for free as a bonus when you sign up for “Winners Road Map” program now.(The value this Audio is $37, but You will get it as a bonus with “Winners Road Map” Program)


Dr. Eric Amidi - Winners Road Map Collection


Here’s How it Works

After you sign up for “Winners Road Map” program through a Secure Payment Process, you are immediately given access to an Exclusive Members Area. Then you can get started right away. In this area:

    • You will have unlimited access to all Audio Modules in MP3. You can listen to them or download them and listen to them on any device, for your own personal use.
    • You will have exclusive access to read or download the Audio Transcripts in an ebook format.
    • You will have exclusive access to read or download the Action Guide in an ebook format.
    • In about 5-6 weeks, the “Answers Manifestation Session” Audio will be available in the Bonus section of your member area for FREE.

Let me ask you this:

How much does it usually cost to go to seminars and courses? Or spend years searching through material or learn the hard way?

Thousands of dollars? Tens of thousands of dollars?

How much is it worth to have a system to generate idea, making thousands or even millions? How much is it worth to have a decision making method that saves you from making bad decisions ever again?

Yes… it’s priceless…because it’s a life-savor

To make it even easier for you, so you won’t have anything standing in your way to your desires, I have decided to price this program at only 3 easy payments of $67… and this low price also comes with a “no risk” guarantee!


Try My “Winners Road Map” Program
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I know what you get from this program and the bonuses in upcoming weeks will change your life.

And I’m so sure of that fact that I’d like to let you try this program RISK FREE.

If you go through the program and don’t love it – return it and I give you back all of your money.

No questions asked, no hassles.

Here’s my promise to you:

Use the materials all you want for up to 30 days. If you decide it’s not for you – for any reason – simply let me know within 30 days of your purchase. I’ll remove your access to the program and refund all your money immediately. No questions asked.

To make it even easier, if you order right now, you have an option to spread your payments out so they are MONTHLY. You’ll make your first payment immediately, and then be charged in equal monthly installments over the next two months. It’s that easy.

I could not possibly make it any more easy or low risk for you.

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Eric Amidi

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